Funny short mothers day quotes messages

Funny mothers day quotes: mothers day is around the corner and most of us are searching a message that can convey our feelings perfectly. Generally we send emotional and heart touching quotes and messages to express our feelings. But let’s break this tradition this time and instead send funny mothers day quotes that will make her laugh.

Our mother has sacrificed many things for us. She has spent many nights sleepless while taking care of us when we were small. She has given that last bit of ice-cream which she has reserved for us, just because we wanted little more. On top of all, she has taken great health risk to bring us in this world. So, this mothers day lets make her laugh with these funny mothers day messages.

A 9 month journey which a mother undergo when she carry her baby in her womb is unique to every mother. It is a beautiful journey which is very hard to describe in words. Each and every moment of this journey solely belongs to a mother because only she knows what she has gone through. Though this journey is unique in its way but this also symbolize a struggle of mother to bring her child safely in this world. This is also story of pain which a mother goes through just to ensure well being of her baby. Whatever we do we can never equate what our mother has done for us. This mothers day reciprocate her love with these funny mothers day quotes and become the reason behind her smile. Send these funny mothers day messages in the start of a day and make sure she welcome her day with a beautiful and warm smile.

Lengthy messages and metamorphic poems are not necessary to express ones feeling. A short and warm message is enough to demonstrate your feelings perfectly. Use this short mothers day quotes and express your love towards your mother.

Funny mothers day quotes

Laughter is the best medicine. Best wishes are those which can make a person laugh. So, we have collected funny mothers day quotes for you, send these to your loving mommy and make her laugh.

It's mother's day, so thank you mom you ought to know that you're da' bomb!
Funny mothers day quotes

 Mom, thanks for not leaving me in a box on someone's doorstep.
funny mothers day quotes

I'm sorry my gigantic head ruined your vagina . 
funny mothers day quotes

 Dear mom, because of you i am what i am today . Thank you , I love you .
funny mothers day quotes
 Of all the evil stepmothers in the world , I'm glad i got you .

Funny mothers day messages

Smile is the best exercise. It act as workout for facial muscles, beauty for face and induces positivity in our system. Another important aspect of smile is that it is contagious and spread positive vibes in the surrounding. Here we have collected most funny mothers day messages for you, so that you can take care your mother in a healthy way. Moreover a happy mothers means a happy family, which in turn means a happy neighborhood and happy surrounding.

“I want my children to have all the things I couldn’t afford.

Then I want to move in with them.” -Phyllis Diller

“My mother’s menu consisted of two choices: Take it or leave it.” -Buddy Hackett

“The most remarkable thing about my mother is that for thirty years she served the family nothing but leftovers.The original meal has never been found.” -Calvin Trillin

i love how we don't even need to say out loud that i am you're favourite child .
"Play with you? Sure! I love Minecraft"... said no mum ever.

Mom can't even imagine how proud you are of me for remembering to send you a Mother's Day

May your Mother’s Day celebration temporarily distract you from the horrid economic reality of delayed retirement.

There is no velvet so soft as a mother’s lap, no roses as lovely as her smile, no path so flower as that imprinted with her footsteps.

Short mothers day quotes

We have enlisted beautiful short mothers day quotes for you which are just perfect and precise to express your emotions for you mother.

It's not easy being a mother , if it were easy . Father's would do it .

I love you lightly more than i love my dad .

God could not be everywhere, and therefore he made mothers.

When my mother had to get dinner for 8 she'd just make enough for 16 and only serve half.

I remember my mother's prayers and they have always followed me. They have clung to me all my life.

A mother is a person who seeing there are only four pieces of pie for five people, promptly announces she never did care for pie.

A suburban mother's role is to deliver children obstetrically once, and by car forever after. 


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